Broadcast Video Chat becomes Video Conference

Earlier this year we launched Broadcast Video Chat, giving users the ability to have up to 200 people in a single video call.  Today, we made some changes to make this functionality easier to use and more affordable.

Broadcast Video Chat is now known as Video Conference and is available via a monthly subscription, starting at $39.99/month. This subscription gives you access to all the features that TokBox has to offer, including the following that are specific to Video Conference:

* Add an audience to have up to 200 people participate in your call

* Enable the audience to submit video questions

* Move audience members on and off the screen

When it comes to adding an audience and increasing the size of your call, you can upgrade your Video Conference subscription in 50-person increments. If you only need 50 participants, pay the basic $39.99/month. If you need more then its only an additional $15/month for every 50-person increment you add.

But, don’t worry if there is a one-off occasion where you need more than your Video Conference subscription allows, you can simply increase the maximum number of participants that call, paying $10 for every additional 50 people you add.

As always, please send us an email with any questions or feedback to


5 thoughts on “Broadcast Video Chat becomes Video Conference

  1. My orginization only need to use video conferencing 2 times a year or so. Would it work fine to upgrade to a Video Conference account for the times we need it, and then downgrade back to the free account at other times (similar to the way Evernote lets you go Pro for a month but go back to standard/free the next month if you want)?

    • Matthew

      The only “one time” (or one meeting) upgrades we currently have available are from Video Meeting ($12.99/month) to Video Conference.

      You could however sign up for Video Conference and take advantage of the 30 day free trial and then downgrade. The next time you need to do a Video Conference you can upgrade again and pay simply for the one month Video Conference for that month (from $39.99)

      Let me know if you need more help

      • Ah, sounds good. I was just wondering if you could activate it for one month and then turn it off (no long term commitment), and it looks like that’s covered. Thanks for the info and a great service!

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